Wednesday, 30 November 2011

#9 Wild Beasts//Sheperd's Bush Empire//London//Thursday 24th November

Now lets be frank from the start, wild beasts last album was sex music. Full of tales of midnight trysts and debauched activity, lyrics such as 'my slipper in your bits' and 'trousers and blouses make excellent sheets down dimly lit streets' really set the tone for the album. The album is also great to actually have sex to, trust me, i've used it a lot, it works very well, lights out, curtains wide open to let the moon in and 'two dancers' on the stereo turned up loud. Boom. (Other great artists to get hot and sweaty to are the XX, Cat power and Salem, try them out, go on you saucy lot, i know you will).
I haven't managed to see the band since they released 3rd album 'smother' (great title) so i was very interested to see what the new songs sounded like live, i grabbed my assistant for the evening, the glamorous Erica Redgrave, and it was off to Shey Boo


1, The lion's share
2, Bed of nails
3, We still got the taste dancing on our tongues
4, Albatross
5, The devil's crayon
6, The funpowder plot
7, His grinning skull
8, Deeper
9, This is our lot
10, Loop the loop
11, Two dancers
12, Reach a bit further
13, Hooting and howling
14, Plaything
15, All the kings men
16, End come too soon

Check these:
Hooting and howling:
All the kings men:

This was the second of two nights at Shey Boo for the lads, this show having to be added because the first sold out instantly, They started with a couple of new songs off 'Smother'. 'The lion's share' and 'Bed of nails' enticing the crowd in with their seductive, theatrical tones. Most of the latest album was played tonight actually, a good sign from the boys that they are keen to keep moving forward, it's a little synthier than we're used to but still very much the wild beasts signature sound. Only two tracks from debut 'Limbo panto' got an airing. The biggest reaction tonight though was predictably for the epic tunes from 'Two dancers', 'Funpowder plot', 'Hooting and howling' and 'All the kings men' were massive, Hayden Thorpe and Tom Fleming swapping singing duties aswell as instruments and really showing off their talent. I'm a huge Beasts fan but i would warn you that you need to be familiar with all their stuff before seeing them live because to an unfamiliar ear it can seem a little samey.


Venue: i have said it before, great if u go on the upper levels, you don't have to sit down with the squares, you can stand in the spacious walk way at the back and get the best view with the easiest route to the bars, if your in the mosh on the ground floor you aint getting a drink, you aint going to the loo and your gonna get squashed, maybe i'm just getting old!!
Drinks: fair, pub prices, no complaints, turborg lager though, shit.
Crowd: on the whole a slightly more mature crowd, not olds like the wallies you get at glasto though, olds that you can tell are still in the know.
Dan i don't care about any of this, i just wanna know if they looked fucking cool????: Lead singer Hayden Thorpe is pretty cool, good hair, good garms, need to have a little word with the other three though, especially Tom Fleming, i'm not having the skin tight vest and beanie combo, Erica summed it up when she said he looked like a gay porn version of the edge from U2! haha this description was bang on!

Erica Redgrave, 
Buyer at Selfridges, from Leeds

So El, what did you think?
Really enjoyed it, never seen them live before, i love the second album so to hear those tunes was great, with the newer stuff i did think it was a little familiar but there was enough to make me want to buy the album. Mostly i was impressed with their musicianship and their singing! Amazing! They were projecting their voices perfectly, never strained, my sister is classically trained and i see signs of that in these boys.

Haven't you done a bit of singing?
errrr in the choir when i was younger

i was thinking more of you up onstage going for it in the birdcage down colombia road on a friday night?
oh no!!!! stop it Dan, STOP IT!  hahahaha

Finally, Miss Redgrave, what was the 1st tune that popped upon your shuffle on your commute to work this morning?
Chaka Khan, i feel for you!!

Really?!?! amazing!!
Yep put me in a good mood for the day!

Right guys, stay tuned, got some great gigs coming up, in the next couple of weeks i'm going to see La Shark, Blood Orange, Das Racist and Spector, i'll keep you posted!!! bye for now! x

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

#8 Fly Bermuda festival//Berlin//Saturday 5th November//Picture diary

Interesting people i met and interesting things i saw at Fly Bermuda festival, what a night, a huge techno party in an old disused airport in Berlin, can't recommend it highly enough, defo go next year!

Monday, 14 November 2011

#7 Maccabees//Village Underground//London//Tuesday 1st November

So November has arrived and for me the first week is spent snowed under doing my other job (Europe's finest heating engineer) i was 'on call' all week, this means i get called out at all hours of the day and night to rescue little old dears with no heating, i know, i know, i'm a hero! (and just incase you were wondering, no, i don't get chatted up by saucy housewives on a regular basis, i know, i cant believe it either). I could not miss the return to London of The Maccabees, luckily after a bit of sweet talking my little brother Lee (Europe's second finest heating engineer) agreed to cover my shift. Thanks Lee, you're a Ledge!

My pals and i are Maccabees veterans, we must have seen the boys at least ten times, loved them since day one so the fact that they hadn't played in London for what must be going on a year, meant there was a real sense of excitement about this gig. The boys did their bit for independent record stores. You could only get tickets for the gig in person from rough trade and it was limited to 2 tickets each, the day they went on sale i rushed down there unwashed in the clothes from the night before after being out raving all night, that's dedication, i wouldn't do that for just anyone you know!


1, Child
2, Feel to follow
3, Lego
4, First love
5, One hand holding
6, Can you give it
7, Pelican
8, Precious time
9, No kind words
10, Forever i've known
11, William Powers
12, Love you better
13, X-ray
14, Wall of arms
15, Grew up at midnight

Check out these videos for yourself:

Love you better:

Village underground is a great little venue just off Shoreditch high street in the heart of East London, i've been to millions of raves here but never seen a live band, inside it's like a brick built cave, it seems massive due to its high ceiling but in reality it is really small and intimate, the venue suited the band down to the ground, great shout whoever booked this. As the boys walked on stage they were greeted like old friends, they have a real hardcore fan base, i see many of the same faces at all their gigs, they are a bit like The Rifles in that they don't get much press but have amassed loads and loads of fans through word of mouth and basically just being a shit hot live band. It's well known they are getting ready to drop their third album and they started tonight with two new songs, 'Child' and 'Feel to follow', both were brilliant and after hearing them for the first time i have no doubt that the next album is going to be even better than the last which was amazing, i personally think they are up there with The Horrors as the best bands in Britain right now, every new release better than the last. The lads ran through the classics from albums one and two and were bouyed by the reaction of the crowd who were going mental all night, Felix in particular always looks like an excited puppy up onstage he goes so mad i kept thinking he might fall off any minute, lead singer Orlando, who is often a little shy between songs was even dropping banter with the crowd left right and centre. The whole set was great, an encore was demanded with the boys coming back on for massive renditions of  'X-ray' and 'Wall of arms'. They even had the balls to finish with a new song 'Grew up at midnight', top tune and great finale.


Venue: as i said, really good, great sound, defo try and see a band here, or at least come to a rave.

Drinks: hmmm pub prices but your getting cans, i do love drinking out of a can, men behaving badly style but it really irks me giving over three and half quid for a can, getting merked really aint we

Crowd: always a great crowd at maccabees gigs, true fans, proper fans, i also saw a couple of Bombay Bicycle Club members in attendance

All i care about is the threads and haircuts?: well they just look pretty normal, Orlando is a bit cool, loving that both White brothers, Felix and Hugo have grown their hair really long! wish i had the patience, looks wicked when they're swooshing it around riffing away together on their guitars!

(you lucky things, buy one get one free this week)

Del Minney, quantity surveyor, Deptford
Ross Hallam, equity trader
(yes i actually do know quantity surveyors and equity traders! mental!)

What did you make of tonight lads?
Really good, their sound has really evolved just like it did from albums one to two, the first album was great but the second had tunes that were ultimately better made in terms of complexity, depth and maturity, hearing the new tunes tonight, its clear they are ready to move on again. i loved that they played a load of old stuff but the new tunes have really wet my appetite for the third album

What else you listening to at the minute?
Bit like how the macs are changing, i used to be a real indie kid but my tastes are getting a lot darker now,  im listening to a lot of deeper music, xx, pj harvey, stuff like that, i love gorillaz also quite into reggae and dub at the moment. I gotta recommend LA SHARK too, defo check them out. 

Cheers boys, blinding, i'll defo get on La Shark,

So it was another cracking gig from The Maccabees, roll on January and their Brixton show!
Ok guys so last weekend i was at the fly bermuda festival in berlin, now i'm not gonna pretend i'm a bible on techno so a picture diary of all the cool people i met and things i saw will have to do, Stay tuned!