Tuesday, 20 September 2011

#1 Kasabian//Koko//Camden//Thursday 8th september 2011

So it was just a normal day as i checked my emails and realised i had been sent yet more tickets to the album chart show. i normally glance at the artists playing and give the tickets away as there is usually one band i like but the rest of the night is made up of awful R&B singers and teenybopper groups. Camden is a long way to go from good old south London just to see a band you like play two songs! However this email grabbed my attention because the only band listed was KASABIAN. Surely they wasn't going to do a whole set in a tiny venue like Koko?? Needless to say the first person i spoke to bit my arm off for my 'plus one', so that was it, my pal Sam and i were off to Camden in the hope of witnessing something special... we wasn't disappointed!

1, Velociraptor
2, Where did all the love go?
3, Days are forgotten
4, Shoot the runner
5, Re-wired
6, Underdog
7, Vlad the impaler
8, Switchblade smiles
9, Fire

The band ran through a pretty good value for money (free) nine song set made up of tracks from the forthcoming album aswell as fans faves from the last one. The crowd sang the new stuff back to the band as if these songs had been doing the rounds for years and Tom and Serge really seemed to buzz off the adulation, having lots of banter and interaction with the fans. Switchblade smiles and Days are forgotten in particular got a massive reception, the new stuff has a very 'film score' vibe which is clearly what Serge was going for, as i was listening i kept getting an image of wild dogs running through the desert stalking their next prey, this may have been the music, it may have been the beers but if one band conjours up images of wild rabid dogs its got to be Kasabian!

Now for the important stuff...

Venue: Koko is great, very intimate with old dance hall decoration, its very grand and dark with the biggest disco ball ever hanging from the ceiling.

Drinks: Just as expensive as everywhere else and it killed me every time i handed over £4 for a can of red stripe, yes a CAN that is £1 in the shop round the corner! This gig was free so im not going to moan too much but seriously, stop ripping us off!!!!!

Crowd: Everything you would expect from a Kasabian gig; drunk lads with matching haircuts and Oasis fans, im not digging anyone out im just saying. One thing that does always surprise me at Kasabian and Oasis gigs is the amount of FIT spanish/italian girls in attendance, they must love this sort of thing and i certainly wasn't complaining!

Clothes and hair: Tom and Serge looked amazing as always and Serge was sporting the best leopard print jacket i've seen since the one Nick Valensi of The Strokes was rocking at Benicassim and Reading this summer! The rest of the lads make up the numbers in the style stakes, lets be honest.

Ace Face: Sam Griffiths, pharmaceuticals, Wrexham

So Sam, what did you think of the gig?

It was unreal, i don't think we'll ever see this band in a small venue like this again, im made up, they smashed it... and all free! Top night!

Ok guys so my next confirmed review is The Horrors at The Roundhouse on october the 12th but keep checking the blog because i will be attending a few gigs before then.
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